What To Consider Before Signing A Severance Agreement At Work.

In Connecticut, employment laws can differ. You must understand the agreement and its terms and conditions before you jump to any conclusion. A severance agreement is loaded with legal terms which can be difficult to understand. A severance agreement is a legally bound contract between an employer and an employee that talks about the conditions of ending the employment. 

It is important that your rights are preserved in the process and are not getting violated. This agreement can have a long-term impact on a person’s life. Hence, it is important that you carefully read and understand before agreeing to it. You should seek guidance from a Connecticut employment lawyer who can help you understand your rights and interests. 

Things to consider before signing a severance agreement –

  • Go through the agreement thoroughly.

Make sure you read the agreement twice or thrice. Understand each term and read the statements with the utmost attention. What benefits is it offering? Is it confidential? Does it involve releasing any claims against the employer? 

  • Hire an employment attorney. 

The benefit of hiring an attorney is that they can help you navigate through the complications that may arise on the way. They will review the agreement for you and make you understand each and everything In detail. Then, accordingly, they will provide solutions tailored to your particular situation. They can also help you to negotiate for more favorable outcomes. 

  • Go through the benefits and make an assessment. 

Evaluate the benefits being provided in the agreement. Look for things like insurance coverage, job placement after termination, payable amount in severance, etc. Then, draw a comparison of the benefits you have in the current situation. Then, you can have a clear picture of whether it is beneficial to you or not. Suppose you should sign the agreement or not. Will it benefit you in the long run or not? 

  • Check if the contract includes any legal claims that you may have made in the past.

If you made any legal claims against discrimination or harassment or anything else, check if the severance agreement includes that, too. It is usually waived in the contract when you benefit from the agreement. Hence, you must look out for that and preserve your claims. 

  • Check if your agreement includes confidentiality for your previous employer. 

You must look for any confidentiality statements made for your previous employer. This would mean that you cannot disclose any information related to your past employer. Now, this may pose problems for you in the future. If you will be making any claims against your employer in court, this will create complications in the case. 

Hire an employment attorney to protect your rights!

Now, you may understand why it is important to have an expert lawyer on your side. They can preserve your rights and save you from any future complications. Moreover, they will help you generate more favorable outcomes while making you aware of the consequences of any of your inconsiderate actions.