Maximizing your compensation - Tips from personal injury lawyers

Maximizing your compensation – Tips from personal injury lawyers

An experienced attorney will know how to calculate all your damages, negotiate strongly on your behalf with insurance companies, and take your case to trial if needed. They will determine all sources of compensation you may be entitled to, including not just the defendant’s insurance policy but also your own auto, health, or disability insurance policies. An experienced lawyer will know the fair value of your claim in your jurisdiction and fight to get you full and fair compensation.

Document your injuries and losses

To maximize your payout, you need solid evidence of all the ways the accident has impacted your life. Medical records are crucial to prove causation and quantify the extent of your injuries. Your Dallas Personal Injury Lawyer works with doctors to make sure full medical records are preserved and presented properly to support your claims. If you missed work due to the accident, be sure to get documentation from your employer verifying lost wages. Keep records of all other losses too, such as transportation costs for medical appointments or damage to your vehicle. The evidence will help support demands for full compensation.

Follow your medical treatment plan

Make sure you follow through with all prescribed treatment and rehabilitation to facilitate maximum recovery. Gaps in treatment harm the value of your injury claim. Not only will timely medical care give you the best chance of recovering from your injuries, but it also shows the insurance company that your injuries were serious enough to require ongoing appointments and treatment. Don’t miss recommended therapy sessions, doctor visits, or other treatments – be diligent in taking all reasonable steps to get better.

Avoid social media oversharing

Be very careful about what you post on social media while your claim is pending. Insurance companies routinely search plaintiffs’ social media accounts for evidence they use against them. Photos or comments about physical activities you engage in post-accident are misconstrued. Don’t give the defense an opening to argue your injuries were exaggerated. Temporarily deactivate accounts if necessary. Your lawyer advises you on social media use while your case is active.

Insurance companies often try to pressure injury victims into accepting insufficient early settlements to close claims quickly. Quicker is not better when it comes to injury settlements. Recovering from serious injuries takes time, and consequences are not always immediately known. When additional treatment is needed, you may have to forfeit compensation if you settle now. Let your lawyer negotiate and be prepared to be patient. Full recovery should come before you settle.

Consider structured settlements

Your statute of limitations for personal injury in Dallas may advise structuring your settlement to maximize its value. Structured settlements provide a stream of tax-free payments over time, often through an annuity. It gives you a stable ongoing income to cover future medical costs and living expenses, protecting you from risks associated with receiving a single lump sum. Structured settlements often result in increased compensation as well. If you hire an experienced attorney you trust, lean on their expertise and judgment when deciding whether to accept a settlement offer. Your lawyer will give you objective counsel about whether settling now versus later is in your best interests, considering factors like the actual value of your claim, litigation costs and risks, and timing. If they advise holding out for a higher offer, you feel confident doing so.