How Does Florida Handle Out-of-State DUIs?

Florida residents often travel to other states during the summer. After the tough year we’ve all had, everyone is eager to travel again. But what happens if you end up drinking too much on vacation and get a DUI out-of-state? You might wonder if the penalties only apply in the state where you were arrested or if they will also affect you when you return to Florida.

Interstate Compacts

If you are charged with a DUI out-of-state, Florida will find out. This information is shared through various systems.

Non-Resident Violator’s Compact of 1997

Florida is part of this compact, along with 43 other states. According to this agreement, all serious traffic violations must be reported back to the driver’s home state.

If you have fines due in another state, like Georgia, Florida can suspend your license until those fines are paid. However, if the violation occurs in a state that is not part of the compact, your Florida license will not be affected. The states not in the compact are:

  • Alaska
  • California
  • Michigan
  • Montana
  • Oregon
  • Wisconsin

Driver’s License Compact

This is another agreement between states to share information about driver violations. Under this compact, any out-of-state DUI is treated as if it occurred in Florida. Florida will enforce any penalties imposed by the state where the DUI happened, such as suspending your license.

National Driver Registry

This database holds information on drivers’ records, including whether a driving license has been suspended or revoked.

DUI Defense

With several systems in place for states to exchange information, it’s safe to say that if you are convicted of a DUI in any state, Florida will know about it and enforce the penalties.

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